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Trbleshooter FW23 “Fuck Poverty”

This fall/winter collection is an extension of the struggles we've endured this year while striving
to elevate our craft as a unit. "Fuck Poverty" is no mere statement. It's a mantra to the universe
saying never again. We decided to lightly give a taste of some unique embroidment on our
garments with this collection. The Bold color choice really showcases the meteor ("star-beam").
The thought process for the meteors is very intriguing. It started with this question.
"What stops a comet?!"
My Answer to that was !impact!.
Take things head on. Issues you're having, goals you want to meet, and most importantly social
issues that impact you and others around you. I know it's not as simple as said but just play your
part. Be a comet. Make an Impact!
We're still learning while we have the clock in our favor. As we go we are striving to elevate
ourselves and our creative passions. Thank you for joining us on the journey!